Pain Conditions

D.D. Palmer, the founder of modern American Chiropractic believed that nearly all physical conditions and diseases were caused by a misaligned spine or displaced joints.  Though it may not seem like it, many of your body’s issues can stem from problems in your back and joints.

Our Style

We believe health should be about choices and in our office you have two choices for musculoskeletal care.

  • 1. pain relief
  • 2. correction

The two are are not independent of each other but #2 is rather next level of care and desire for health.

As with any competent Chiropractor we are highly skilled at reducing pain. looking how structure determines function and can reduce pain through the elimination of pressure on the nervous system and restoration of an improperly moving joint. This is our first goal–reducing your pain.

Secondly, and more importantly, we are interested in correcting your posture in a more permanent fashion.  When you have improper posture, your muscles can be chronically tight, and the abnormal motion of the joints in your body can cause your joints to wear and cause arthritis. Inflammation from the joints not moving properly can cause pain as well.
A good analogy of structure determining function is when the wheels of a car become misaligned, the tires show the effects or the symptoms.

Through specific adjustments, tractions, and exercises that retrain the body on posture we can reduce your pain and make measurable correction to your posture that directly impacts your health.

Dr Ferguson is trained in different styles of adjusting and delivering chiropractic. Not everyone will receive the same style of adjustment, as it is based on your particular problem and sometimes, even your preference. Tradition Adjustments, and instrument adjusting are common avenues of adjusting the spine here.