Preventing Bleacher Back and Relieving Lower Back Pain

10140593_043b5fc5f6_bSummer is here, and with it is the promise of the great outdoors.

But as much fun as summer activities can be, they can often take a toll on the body.  One of the most common summer injuries we see doesn’t actually come from physical activity though.  In fact, it’s caused by spectating.

It’s called ‘bleacher back’.

What is Bleacher Back?

Bleacher back is the name of the pain caused by sitting in bleachers for extended periods of times.  Bleachers are often hard plastic or metal with zero support for you back.  To compensate for a lack of a back rest, most people bend forward, setting their elbows on their needs.

This causes the back to curve outward, placing abnormal stress on your lower back.  After sitting this way for an hour or more, many people find themselves in pain after standing.

With that much stress placed upon your lower back for that long of a time, all it might take is bending over to tie your shoes for something to pop out of place, leaving you with a serious back injury.

Whether or not you’ve experienced bleacher back yet, if you plan on sitting in the stands to watch some games this summer, it’s important to take care of yourself.

How to Prevent Bleacher Back

First things first.  Bleachers are not made for comfort, so it’s up to you to change that.  Bringing a cushion, blanket, or mat to sit on can have a large impact on how much tension your body absorbs.  There are also portable devices designed to give you back support in bleachers.

Just search bleacher seats, and you should be able to find some great options.

It’s also important to be mindful of how you’re sitting.  Though you may instinctively want to bend forward and rest your arms your legs, try to keep your back straight so that stress is evenly distributed.

Make sure you’re also standing and stretching every so often.  If there’s a break, get up and walk around.  Little things like this can do wonders for preventing back injury.

If You’re Suffering from Bleacher Back or Back Injuries

If you’re already experiences pain in your lower back, even if it seems minor, it’s important to see a specialist.  Stiffness and minor pain can be a sign that a much larger issue is developing.

By treating your pain before something pulls or goes out of place, you can save yourself a lot of work in the future.

If you’re planning on spending any time in the bleachers this summer, schedule an appointment with us today!  We’ll check for any developing conditions, help reduce pain you might be feeling, and guide you on a path towards a stronger, healthier back.

We don’t just treat the symptom.  We’ll help you identify the cause so together, we can fix your back and make sure you’re ready for all the joys summer brings.  Click here to schedule an appointment.

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Do you have any additional questions about bleacher back?  What summer activities affect your body the most?