31 Million People are Suffering: Are you one?

Are you feeling what these 31 million people are feeling right now?

About 31 million Americans are experiencing back pain at any given time. Global Burden of Disease 2010 stated that low back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide. After upper respiratory infections, low back pain was the second most frequent reason for a trip to the doctor’s office. Approximately $50 BILLION is spent on back pain in America per year.

“Dr Ferguson, those numbers are eye popping!” I agree. “Dr Ferguson, who gets back pain?” Without sounding glib, I would answer, “ Anyone with a spine!” “Dr Ferguson, isn’t back pain for old outta shape people how may be overweight?” Here at Health By Logic, we see a cross section of people suffering from low back pain that seems to follow no pattern and certainly doesn’t discriminate. Males, females, children, teens, pregnant women, professional bodybuilders, and champion couch potatoes!

Many people think back pain is from aging, and I say …..maybe. Let me explain. The easiest way to explain the main causes of back pain is to split the cause into two groups- Macrotrauma or Microtrauma. In plain English–some big injury (auto accident, slip and fall etc), a Macrotrauma, or some little injury that happens frequently (10 hours daily hunched over a computer, all day looking down texting, crawling around on the ground laying tile, or even nurses bent over lifting and pulling on patients everyday), a Microtrauma. I won’t say aging is a cause of the back pain but I will say that the longer you live, the more chances you have to screw something up! As you can see, too much activity may increase your risk for injury, and so can not being active enough and maintaining the same posture too long.

“Dr Ferguson, how do you treat back pain?” I’m glad you asked! The best way to treat anything is to get a proper diagnosis of what you are dealing with, and we do that first through your patient history. Next, we do a physical exam where we touch the spine and move the joints to find painful areas, areas of uneven muscle tone, and imbalanced spinal structure. Last, we do orthopedic and neurological tests, usually Xrays, and maybe even an MRI or an EMG. “That sounds like a lot!” It sure is! I don’t want to miss anything! After all of this, I assimilate all of your information and determine if I am the right doctor for you. If not, I will refer you out as soon as I can to get you relief. If you are my patient, I consider the problems you have, educate you on that problem, then present your options and care plan for correction. The tools we use in our office are spinal adjustments, massage therapy, tractions, spinal decompression therapy, physical therapy modalities, braces, supports, and maybe even some lifestyle modification. Not everyone gets the same thing, your route to back pain relief depends on YOU. Each patient is an individual and will have their own combination of needs, and we do our best to apply our skills appropriately to your problem and your life.

At Health By Logic, we take you and your families’ health very seriously, we like to have fun with our patients, but it is our duty to help give you answers, solutions, and options for your health concerns.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions and have a great week!  Dr. Scott Ferguson, D.C.

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