Auto Injury

According to Ohio Department of Public Safety Crash Statistics there are over 700 reported auto accidents every day in Ohio alone. That’s over 30 accidents every hour of every day!


For many of these victims, when and if the ambulance arrives, they are either treated on scene and released or taken to the Emergency Room. If not admitted, they are advised to see their family Dr. as needed. Once the patient seeks help from their family Dr. they are likely given anti-inflammatory drugs or muscle relaxers and told to come back if the “problem” persists. If the problem does persist, they are usually referred out to another type of specialist. Another common scenario is the patient feels pain several days after the accident and may not correlate the discomfort to the accident. They may not even connect that a new symptom could be related to the accident.

Both scenarios could lead to a lot of time between injury, identification and proper treatment.

You need immediate help. You need a Dr. that can quickly and accurately give you a proper diagnosis and quickly give you relief or make sure you get in to see the right specialist for your problem. In our clinic you will be processed quickly to give you the best chance at healing and reducing pain. Dr. Scott Ferguson has been helping patients out of pain, with cases like yours, for over 15 years.

We work in conjunction with other medical specialists to get you the most appropriate care available for your case. We have xray facilities on site and utilize other imaging centers where indicated types of imaging studies.

Lawyers-We know that proper treatment guidelines and documentation are crucial to a patient’s case. We work to ensure open lines of communication for accurate and timely records with local attorneys who can best serve your case.

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