How-to Avoid Chronic Discomfort During the Winter Months


Without even noticing, we all tend to hibernate more during the winter months.

That’s because it’s not always as easy to stay active as it is in the summer when we want to be outside as much as possible. And, in the winter, we tend to eat more food, decrease our exercise and avoid going out in the cold as much as we can, which is bad for our health.

This can all lead to chronic discomfort in our bodies.

Avoid Discomfort with Exercise

Staying active in the winter is much more important for our bodies than people might think. Plus, there are added health benefits to exercising during the cold months and it will also help keep the winter blues away. So instead of hibernating this winter, there a numerous ways you can stay active!

Here are some ways to keep active inside:

  • Walk the mall
  • Get a membership at a health club
  • Join a fitness class or indoor team
  • Find an indoor pool
  • Invest in a home gym

Here are some outdoor activities to stay active:

  • Snowshoeing
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Sledding
  • Look for Holiday Fun Runs
  • Ice skating

Remember to Stay Safe

Be smart and make sure to stay safe as you enjoy the cold weather. When exercising outdoors, be cautious to protect yourself from hypothermia, slippery areas and various winter elements. Make sure to always layer up and wear the appropriate amount of clothing to stay warm.

Diet is Also a Factor

On top of staying active, make sure to watch your diet. Also, simply adding a vitamin D supplement to your routine during the winter will give you a mood and energy boost. We know it’s not easy with all of the holidays that happen during the cold months making it hard to stay motivated, but you can do it! Time to battle the cold weather excuses! For more information, come visit us at Health by Logic. We would love to discuss and answer any questions you might have!