Causes of Shoulder Pain in Beavercreek, Ohio

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The shoulder is the body’s most mobile joint.

This is due in part to the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff contains four different tendons that connect bone to muscle. If the bones of the tendons in the rotator cuff swell, or are damaged, it can lead to difficulty raising the arm and cause pain when moving.

Shoulder pain in Beavercreek, Ohio can be caused by a number of different things, as there is a wide range of things that can cause damage to the shoulder. The following are some, but not all, of the causes of shoulder pain in Beavercreek, Ohio.


Those who suffer from arthritis often feel pain in the shoulder joint. Arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and septic arthritis, causes the joints to become inflamed, leading to pain and stiffness.

Rotator Cuff Injury

There are a number of different ways the rotator cuff can be injured. Most often, athletes injure their rotator cuffs due to the fact that many sports require them to make overhead motions repeatedly. Some professionals, including painters and carpenters, may also be more included to suffer rotator cuff injuries.

Broken Bone

Those who have broken their shoulder or their arm will deal with pain in the shoulder during the recovery time. Some may even continue to have some stiffness and minor discomfort in the shoulder for the rest of their lives.

Pinched Nerves

A pinched nerve occurs when pressure is placed on a nerve. This can be caused by performing repetitive motions or from remaining in one position for a long period of time. The pain that comes from a pinched nerve in the shoulder can range from minor to severe and may be very temporary or recurring and long lasting.

In most cases, pinched nerves can be dealt with by changing work habits (i.e., no longer making the same repetitive motion). Additionally, rest, taking NSAIDs, and exercising to strengthen the muscles can assist with relieving a pinched nerve. However, more severe cases may require surgery.


The tendons in the shoulder joint are cushioned by bursae, a number of small sacs that are filled with fluid. When these bursae get inflamed, the result is bursitis, a painful condition that most often affects the shoulder, hip, and elbow. Like a pinched nerve, bursitis commonly occurs due to performing repetitive motions. Normally, bursitis is temporary and clears up after resting the joint.

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a condition in which the shoulder joint becomes very stiff to the point that it seems frozen. Generally, frozen shoulder comes on gradually, with symptoms worsening over time. Those who have recently had a stroke or other medical condition that affects mobility are at an increased risk of frozen shoulder.

Separated Shoulder

A separated shoulder occurs when the ligaments connecting the shoulder blade to the collarbone are injured. Cases can range from mild, in which these ligaments are only stretched, to severe, in which they are ruptured.

Treating the Problem

Many of these shoulder-related pains, depending on severity, can be treated effectively using chiropractic adjustments. If you’re experiencing shoulder pain in Beavercreek, Ohio, contact us today. We’ll be able to examine the problem and determine the best course of treatment to ensure long-term, pain-free success.