Headaches and Neck Pain

Headaches can be caused by a number of things, often multiple things at once. Sometimes these headaches are simply caused by dehydration or sinus issues, but most of the time, they serve as a warning for larger issues.

When trying to pinpoint the source of a headache, the first thing we look for is posture.

Forward Head Posture (FHP) is a condition where the head is protruded forward more than normal. Looking from the side your ears should line up vertically with the tips of your shoulders. But when the head pushes forward, you can imagine the muscles in the back part of the neck become tight as they try to pull the head back. Over time the abnormal position of your spinal joints can cause the joints to degenerate, causing a permanent change in the joints.

Common causes of FHP:

  • – Prolonged computer work
  • – Constant texting on phone
  • – Flexion of neck from school
  • – Reading for prolonged periods

All of these eventually over time will change the mechanics of your neck and can contribute to head ache or neck pain.

Neck Pain

photo credit: Michael Dorausch

Another source of neck pain can be soft tissue damage from activities as minor as sleeping wrong on the couch or as major as an automobile accident. Both of these conditions can cause pain directly in the muscles but can advance in to a more permanent condition if not treated properly as your body can get out of alignment and change posture.


Another source of headaches can be diet. This is a little more tedious to trace out, but for many people blood sugar management or even food sensitivities can be a hidden trigger for headaches. Dr. Ferguson is skilled at helping a patient discover these hidden triggers as well.

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