The Trouble with Headaches

Have you ever been out running errands with your children, husband or friends and ended up getting a headache in Beavercreek, Ohio?

If you have, you know it is not always the most pleasant experience. Sometimes, you could even become debilitated from the pain you are experiencing and end up cancelling plans to stay in bed until the pain subsides.

While nearly everyone is affected by a headache at least once in their lifetime, what you might not readily realize is that not everyone gets headaches.

Cause for Concern

headaches beavercreek ohioHeadaches are any amount of pain happening in the head, scalp or neck. They can happen in varying intensities and for either short or longer periods of time.

Headaches should be a big concern, as they are one of the most common recurring pains that go untreated by professionals. Not because chiropractic professionals do not want to treat them, but because people don’t seek the help.

Often this is because many people assume headaches are just something everybody gets, and they do not seek the assistance. In fact, more often than not a headache is a symptom of a problem caused elsewhere in the body.

The most common causes for headaches include:

    • -Dehydration
    • -Poor posture
    • -Low blood sugar
    • -Tension
    • -Neck pain
    • -Food allergies and sensitivities
    • -Stress
    • -Caffeine or caffeine withdrawal
    • -Lack of sleep
    • -Diet

The Trouble with Headaches

While it does not seem like food allergies, stress or even a lack of sleep can cause a headache, they can. The headache is your body’s way of letting you know that something is wrong and needs to be addressed.

Additionally, it could be a few of these problems occurring at the same time and causing the pain. And, with many of these causes, it is not always easy to determine or correct the problem without seeking assistance.

Treatment that Fits Your Needs

At Health by Logic, our staff specializes in treating our patients from with a logical, long-term effect approach. This includes treating patients with headaches in Beavercreek, Ohio.

What does this mean exactly?

It means that instead of treating the headache simply with drugs, that in the end will only give temporary relief for the pain, we figure out what is causing the headaches and determine a treatment plan that will fix the overall problem.

By approaching your pain in this manner, we are able to treat your body with the long term goal that headaches will not return as a symptom of the problem you were experiencing. And, if they do return, we are able to quickly assess and treat the issue because we have already determined the best course of treatment for your individual needs.

Get Started on the Road to Recovery

Don’t want to suffer with pain from headaches in Beavercreek, Ohio any longer? Set up an appointment with Health by Logic today, so Dr. Scott Ferguson can get you back to your regular headache-free self.

Not ready yet? That is okay, too. Give our office a call if you have any questions or concerns, so we can address them and get you feeling healthy again.