How Chiropractic Care Can Help Improve Dizziness in Older Adults

We’ve all experienced some form of dizziness in our lives, whether we have just walked off a rollercoaster or have spent a bit too much time in the sun, it’s a common symptom to feel. But when bouts of dizziness and vertigo begin to occur for no reason at all, it’s time for you to seek appropriate forms of treatment.

The prevalence of these issues has particularly affected patients over the age of 65, and the substantial increase in patients seeking care for dizziness, vertigo or headaches in Beavercreek, Ohio has caught the attention of chiropractors over the years.

While It may seem a minor symptom to experience, if left unchecked, these frequent occurrences can cause major discomfort in a person’s life.

The Effect on the Elderly

Dizziness has seen such an increase in occurrences among the elderly that, in 2003, Medicare introduced new coverage that would encompass routine screenings for individuals experiencing these particular symptoms.

This has led to a classification of coverage and reimbursement rates in nursing facilities, and the costs of treating these cases is increasingly annually and is putting a strain on the Medicare system.

The average costs per day for treatment in a nursing facility now range between $155.66 to $424.97. These costs, along with the negative impact of common drugs used to treat dizziness, are both concerning to medical professionals and insurance providers.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help

Chiropractic treatment is a proven drug-free solution to the growing cases of dizziness and vertigo. By targeting the root causes within the body, chiropractic treatments can correct the misalignments that are likely causing these symptoms.

Vertigo is often caused by inner ear issues or disruptions of the nervous system. When the world seems to spin in circles around you, it is likely the result of the nervous system sending you incorrect messages about your surroundings. It’s as if something has fallen on the wires connecting to your television. By pinching the wires, you are likely to see a blurry picture on the screen.

Correcting the segments of the spine or the upper neck will stop the impingement of nerves and result in your brain receiving a clear and correct perception of your surroundings, similar to removing the item that has fallen on the wires of your television.

Proven Treatment for Dizziness in Adults

Chiropractic care has focused on reducing occurrences of dizziness, headaches and vertigo and has seen amazing success in doing so. A 2009 study objectively found that patients going through 8 week chiropractic treatment programs have experienced an 83% improvement in or eradication of their reported dizziness.

This study, along with many others, have found chiropractic care to be directly responsible for the relief of many symptomatic cases of discomfort and disruption of daily life due to frequent bouts of dizziness or vertigo.

Regain Your Comfort Today

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