Did You Know Whiplash Injuries Aren’t Specific to Auto Accidents?


What is Whiplash?

When you think of a whiplash, the thoughts of neck pain from a Auto accident probably come to mind. Though many cases of whiplash injuries are commonly from auto accidents, they can also be caused from any sudden stops, rollercoasters, athletic activities, accidental slips or falls, assaults, etc. Whiplash is an injury to the soft tissues in the neck ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Although tissues keep the bones in place, whiplash causes your back to be pulled and strained, typically resulting in chronic neck pain. The injuries can change the shape and mechanics of your neck causing pain and degeneration.

Symptoms & Conditions

Common symptoms include headaches, neck stiffness, difficulty sleeping, decreased range of motion, and pain with motion. Conditions that can originate from a whiplash injurycan also include the following:

-Joint dysfunction
-Disc herniation
-Faulty movement patterns
-Chronic pain
-Cognitive and higher center dysfunction making it difficult to concentrate

Can You Prevent Whiplash?

Though it is sometimes inevitable to prevent any type of injuries, there are a few ways to decrease the chances of injuries from whiplash:

-Always wear a seatbelt
-Drive cars that have airbags
-Make sure the car seats head restraint is properly adjusted
-Use proper safety equipment when participating in athletic activities

Whiplash Treatment

An immediate Chiropractic Evaluation is best solution for whiplash injury and neck pain in order to make sure you get the proper treatment and heal in the correct position. The sooner you visit the greater the chances you have at minimizing the pain and accelerating your recovery. Keep in mind, symptoms from a whiplash injury symptoms could take years to develop, so it’s important to get a thorough chiropractic checkup to avoid more serious complications.Though pain may not be excruciating directly after the accident, left unchecked, it can lead to bigger issues down the road. It is unwise to assume the damage level of the contents by the level of damage to the container. Take buying eggs for example, when we buy eggs at the grocery, we generally open the carton to check the status of the eggs on the inside, because the carton may not give evidence that the eggs could be damaged. A vehicle that does not appear damaged significantly still absorbed the impact of another several thousand pound object! This force gets translated to the people on the inside, and that’s one way we become injured in an auto accident.

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