The Pros and Cons of Yoga for Back Pain

Yoga is a great form of exercise that is primarily used for both health and relaxation. Yoga’s popularity has risen in the past few years and is commonly used as a system that consists of exercises meant for attaining bodily or mental control for well-being.

Daily exercise is always emphasized for maintaining total body health, but what most people don’t know is that it can both cause injuries or make injuries worse if it’s not done properly.

So, will yoga cause or make back pain worse?

Pros of Yoga

With management, yoga is a great for flexibility and blood flow. It’s also good for strengthening and stretching your back.

A majority of people who regularly experience minor back pain, do so from sitting or standing too long, so it is beneficial to use yoga to properly stretch your back for relief. Various back stretches can help improve your posture, strengthen back and abdominal muscles, relax your tired back and aid in opening the lungs to be used at full capacity when done properly.

Cons of Yoga

Although yoga can benefit your mind, body and inner self, it also has it’s cons. If you have any back pain or conditions there are certain precautions to take, whether you have done yoga for years or you are just beginning yoga.

A common mistake when it comes to yoga is that people usually start it when they’re on a new health care plan. They want to get going quickly and they don’t often start slow and build up gradient. Yoga should always begin by figuring out an honest assessment of what you can do, so you don’t get injured.

It is also important to know that flexing and twisting motions can cause herniated discs, or soft tissue sprains or strains. For older people, the flexing, such as doing downward dog can also cause the loss of blood pressure.

For acute or unstable back conditions, stay away from yoga. It is not recommended for serious conditions, because it causes injured tissues to be pushed into the wrong direction. This puts too much pressure on spinal disks and joint capsules. When you get to the second and third phases of recovery and tissues have healed, then yoga can be beneficial with your chiropractor’s consent.

Learn More About Properly Practicing Yoga

Yoga is a great way to relieve stress, strengthen muscles and promote your health and well-being, but only when done properly. If you are suffering from chronic, ongoing back pain, we advise you to consult a doctor before practicing yoga.

At Health by Logic, we are PRO yoga, but at a slow, manageable gradient (building up slowly, finding a class that starts slow and builds up, etc.). Contact us at Health by Logic today and schedule a consultation to learn more!