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Herniated Disc Treatment at
Miami Valley Spine and Injury Chiropractic

Man with low back painA herniated (bulging) disc is a back issue caused when the tissue located between the bones starts to bulge out. The bulging tissue can press on nerves, causing severe pain, a feeling of weakness, shooting pain, or a total lack of sensation in the area.

Because herniated discs can cause pain to travel or refer, the pain is not always noticed in the spot of the herniation, but could be in the arms or legs. A spinal expert like Dr. Ferguson at Miami Valley Spine and Injury Chiropractic is best qualified to analyze your condition and make the appropriate referral for testing to diagnose your problem.

Causes of Herniated Discs

As the body ages, the spinal discs begin to slowly lose the amount of water within them, making them more likely to rupture or tear. Even the most minor movement can cause damage. Most people don’t even realize they’ve damaged their backs until the pain sets in later.

Sometimes, lifting heavy objects improperly can result in a herniated disc. Traumas such as falls and twists may also contribute. Being overweight can put more stress on the back, especially the lower back. This is also true of those who work in a job that requires lifting, pushing, pulling, or twisting. Finally, some people are predisposed and have a family history of herniated discs and other back-related problems.

Diagnosing Herniated Discs

There are a number of ways to diagnose a herniated disc—CT scans and MRIs are both common methods. If we believe the patient may be suffering from additional nerve damage, we may also order an EMG, which studies the electrical impulses in the back and how they move. It can pinpoint exactly where the nerves have been damaged, which is a good indication of where the herniated disc is.

Non-Surgical Treatment

The most effective, safest and painless way to heal herniated discs is through a program of spinal decompression therapy, a protocol of treatments done at our office that can be combined with pain reduction techniques and rehabilitation exercises. And those who undergo spinal decompression therapy rarely have to have surgery!

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