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My Foot Hurts! What is it?

Your foot pain may be what’s called plantar fasciitis. What’s that you say? Let’s start by breaking down the term so it makes more sense. The term “Plantar” means of or relating to the sole of the foot. “Fasciitis” inflammation of the fascia of a muscle or organ. So, in short, you have an inflammation of the fibrous tendon on the bottom of your foot that runs from your heel to the back of the toes. And if you don’t know by now, this pain can be a show stopper when it comes to exercising or general mobility. It can be super painful.

Who gets Plantar Fasciitis? According to NCBI “The incidence and prevalence of plantar heel pain are uncertain. However, it has been estimated that 7% of people aged over 65 years report tenderness in the region of the heel, that plantar heel pain accounts for a quarter of all foot injuries relating to running, and that the diagnosis and treatment of plantar heel pain accounts for over 1 million visits a year to physicians in the USA. The condition affects both athletic and sedentary people, and does not seem to be influenced by gender.”

What are the risk factors? Being overweight can cause additional stress on our feet. Loss of arches in our feet or commonly called “flat feet”, cause altered biomechanics during walking or running.  People who stand a lot such as teachers, retail workers, law enforcement, could cause an overuse scenario and develop plantar fasciitis. Altered posture such as pelvic misalignment, or a lean to one side while walking or standing would cause uneven pressure on one side versus the other.

To Summarize:

-It accounts for over 1 million visits to physicians a year in the U.S.

-This affects upwards of 10% of the population.

-It accounts for 25% of all foot injuries related to running.

-It is not influence by gender.

How do I fix it? In our office we begin with a thorough exam and history to accurately diagnose your problem so we know if you are a good candidate for treatment in our office. If you are a candidate, we utilize a multi-prong approach to begin your healing process. We will screen for a postural imbalance that my need corrected through stretching and strengthening. We also screen for foot mechanics that may need support with custom made foot orthotics. Adjustments of the joints of the spine or in the foot may be necessary. Dietary considerations for weight loss and anti- inflammation would be examined and discussed as well as possible supplements. Also, cold laser treatments have proven effective at pain relief as well as quickly reducing inflammation.

If you have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, or would like to be screened for plantar fasciitis and you live near Beavercreek, Ohio, give us a call to get on our schedule. Dr. Scott Ferguson at Health By Logic would be happy to help you get pain free from plantar fasciitis and get back in the game!

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